Hotmail login : This guide will show you how to sign in to on your device ? Report your problems or discover all FAQ about Hotmail. How to create hotmail account and sign in to account? How to recover Hotmail(Outlook) account password and email? This Hotmail Login Process is simple.

This guide will show you how to sign in to on your device ? Report your problems or discover all FAQ about Hotmail.

Hotmail login process – Sign in account

In article, we will talk about the email service and how to Hotmail login process. We will discuss the various aspects involved, such as its history, its features, and how it had the spectacular growth it had at that time. India is a great nation endowed with high-quality manpower. It’s not just in the modern age but centuries ago as well. Classic examples are Arya bhatta, who invented the concept of zero. And, in the modern age, such examples could be Sabeer Bhatia, who along with Jack Smith found Hotmail in 1993. Hotmail had the significant features like a free account which could store up to 250 MB data virus scanning, and filters to clean up spam.

Later in 1997, Microsoft Corporation acquired Hotmail at a cost of $400 million and renamed it as MSN Hotmail, which later integrated to Windows Live Hotmail.

Microsoft came out with the final version of Hotmail Mail in October 2011 and it is offered in 36 languages. It later replaces it

Hotmail is a great email service. We’d discuss here briefly the features of Once you log in to Hotmail, you can do various things. Here are a few of its important features.

  • Interactive: This feature allows you to interact with emails directly. Note that Hotmail is an online email service offered by Microsoft.

  • Calendar: It enables you to add and view colander event steered in your account. You can edit the calendar evens without the need to reload the page.

  • Update contacts: Contacts connected to your device can be easily managed and are automatically updated and saved.

  • Online integration with Office: This enables you to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents attached to the email without the need to download them.

  • Storage space unlimited: Hotmail allows an unlimited amount of free storage space in the drive.

  • Privacy: The Data and information you furnish during signing up and at other instances are kept confidential. Your data are not shared with third parties. Hotmail uses content for the single purpose of notification services.

  • You need not pay: Hotmail is free. You need not pay a price for signing up or account. You may have to pay for using other connected features like Skype.

  • Skype: Skype allows you to make video calls, voice calls with people anywhere in the worlds from your contact list. To log into Skype, you can use your Hotmail account and use its features.

Create Account

Creating a Hotmail account involves as follows:

Step #1. Visit the official website MSN Hotmail. The login URL for Hotmail is or or

Step #2. You’ll get three options including Get Premium which needs payment for the additional services furnished by Microsoft to its premium customers.

Step #3. Create an Account if you have already a have one on Hotmail and Sign up if you wish to register yourself for the services of Microsoft.

Step #4. Type in hot the search bar of your browser, a sign in windows with title Outlook will show up. sign up and login : How to create a Hotmail email account

  • To start with, click ‘sign in’ button and move ahead.

  • Click on the button named Create Account. A text box with a new email comes up with a drop-down menu asking for an extension of the email structure as or as the case may be. Type the username and the extension you wish to create. If the username is already taken, it will prompt you to take a new username. After entering the new username, click on the Next button. Now write the email id you wish to create.

  • You will be asked to create a password.

  • Following this, you need to create a password. Always, be sure to form a strong password. A strong password means you need to build it with different characters – letters, symbols, special signs, etc.

  • Here is the thumb rule: remember to keep the minimum number of characters at in the password at eight. Make sure you use letters in both lower and upper cases and symbols. Type the password in the field.

  • There is a checkbox asking if you wish to get promotional emails from Microsoft. Click it as per your wish.

  • Now click on the button named Next.

  • Enter your First name and last name. Enter the field you need to fill in the text filed and click the Next button.

  • Now, you will be asked regarding country/region showing a drop-down menu showing counties in options and the date of birth in mm/dd/yy format. Enter the country and your date of birth. Also, choose the country, and enter your date of birth to furnish account details. Now click the Next button.

  • It’s time you’re checked if you are a human or a bot.

  • There will be two choices if you wish to do it by picture (image) or audio.

  • When you click on the audio, it will give you an audio and ask you enter the words you hear. Also, it will ask you to press 1 to play or play the audio again.

  • Enter the words correctly you hear in any order.

  • Now you get a different audio.

  • On the other hand, if you choose a picture (image), an image with characters will come up. You need to recognize the characters and type the character in the field. Click on the new button. If you cannot recognize the characters in the image it will present you another picture with different characters. Now click on the Next button.

  • As a security measure, it will ask you to furnish your phone number. You’ll get an OTP corresponding to it. Confirm your account by entering the characters in the OTP.

  • It’s absolutely essential to verify the account because it will add an additional protection to your account.

  • When you click button showing ‘Send Code’, you will get a code sent to you at your mobile number and if you don’t get the code, click on the button saying ‘I didn’t get a code’.

  • Now, enter the code you got and click on the Next button.

  • Choose the time zone for date and time data accurately. Following this, your Hotmail (outlook) account will be created

Now, you’re ready to use your Hotmail (Outlook) using Microsoft features.

Basic steps to follow for Hotmail Login

Hotmail Sign in : Sign into, using a Windows, Mac OS web browser or mobile device. Hotmail account sign in guide step by step. Hotmail login English.

Hotmail Login From Android

  • If you want to use Hotmail in your android device then that can be easily done too. Here is the play store link for downloading.

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook app.

  • Provide your email & password in the add email account option.

  • On successful login, you are good to go.

Hotmail Login From PC

  • Open the java script compatible browser like chrome, Mozilla Firefox type Or You will get a Microsoft sign-in page.

  • Provide your Hotmail or Microsoft email address.

  • Enter the password for the email account.

  • If you entered both details correctly then you are good to go.

  • After 2-3 seconds Hotmail inbox will open up.

Hotmail Login From iOS (iPhone)

  • Download the official Microsoft outlook app from the playstore link.

  • Go to the alternative for the setting. Click on the Mail option. Then Mail Alternative.

  • Click “Add account”.

  • Select or

  • Fill out the email & password for your account.

  • If you have not created or had a account, you can easily make one with a guide earlier provide in the same article, you are reading currently.

  • If details provided by you are correct then you will successfully get email inbox on your iOS devices.

If you are still confused about how to make an account on Outlook then check out the video below. Login Steps

Now, the majority of the users usually sends and receives the mail from others. Mail is the necessary part of the business and personal use. The people can able to send the valuable information and data in the form of the email. There are different ranges of the email services used by the people today. Plenty of email service providers offer the best services to the users who fully depend on the email. You can pick up the best email service that comes up with the best options. The Hotmail is the widely used email services today that attract the huge range of the customers around the world.

It is considered as the simplest email service provider in the present era. This can be used by lots of devices like Android, iPhone, PC, and others. You can try to use this one and send and receive the messages on time without any delay. This will definitely meet all the needs and requirements of the users. You can set up this one on the relevant devices. Here, the users can get the possible steps to sign in the Hotmail from the different devices. You may simply create the Hotmail account in the perfect device.

Some device manages the default email application. You can just set up it on the devices. After setting the mail, you can just log in to the devices in a simple way. The users just keep an eye on the proper procedure to sign in the Hotmail from the devices. You can make sure the procedure is varied from the various devices. You can follow the proper procedures for the Android, iPhone and desktop. You can sign in and send the email to the recipient.

  • Visit: First, visit , this is the official page of this email service. You will be redirected to Outlook Web, but keep calm, from which you will enter Hotmail.

  • Enter your login information: Once on the official site, enter your Hotmail address and Hotmail password. If you enter it correctly, you will not have trouble accessing your inbox.

  • Sign in: Then just click “Sign in” to enter your Hotmail account without any problems, by directly accessing your inbox.

How to sign in Hotmail from the various devices:

The Hotmail support the different range of the devices. This is so beneficial for the users who willing to use this type of email service provider. It is necessary for the users to check the procedure involved in the different devices. You can make use of the proper things to use the Hotmail in a simple way. You can never face any issues if you sign in the Hotmail by following the right procedure. Each and every device manages the different procedures to use the Hotmail. You can ensure the better email services by means of the Hotmail.

How to Access Hotmail and Outlook on Your Android Device ?

It is the necessary aspect for the users who use the Hotmail. Sign in Hotmail from Android is the easiest process of the users. You can follow only a few steps to easily sign in the email service. The google play store is the popular place for getting the different kinds of the application. The users can do the simple steps and use the Hotmail in a simple way. You can get it very soon from the device. The users just tab the google play store and search for the outlook mail application. This is the suitable application that combined with the outlook and Hotmail account. This is the best designed application for the Android users in order to fulfill the email needs.

  • If you are willing to utilize the in the android devices, you can easily use it.

  • At first, you can go to the google play store and enter Microsoft outlook in the search box.

  • Immediately, it will show the result quickly and download the Microsoft outlook app.

  • The users install it on the devices. Sometimes, the application is available as a default app in the device.

  • You can simply open it and give the email and password that entered in the add email option.

  • The users simply set up the Hotmail account in a simple way.

  • Once you successfully log in the Hotmail, you can ready to use it.

The above process is very helpful for the users to use this email service by ensuring the proper procedure. You can ready to send and receive the mail with the help of the Hotmail. The users follow each and every process carefully to log in the Hotmail.

Procedure to sign in Hotmail from the desktop:

It is another form of using the Hotmail. You can use the Hotmail from the PC by the simple login process. Today, lots of users rely on using the The users just move towards the Microsoft announces the excellent application that beneficial for the users to access the Hotmail services. The users try to use the Microsoft outlook and opt for the Hotmail in a better manner. It gives the expected solution to the users. You can aware of using the possible services in the Hotmail. The users take the perfect services from the Hotmail. Whether you need to use the Hotmail account, you can use the Microsoft Outlook application.

Step #1. You can make use of the compatible browser that gives the right details.

Step #2. You can open up the browser and enter the relevant address in the search field.

Step #3. The users visit the or official site and switch over to the Microsoft sign in page in the site.

Step #4. After that, you can give either Hotmail account or Microsoft email address in the sign in page.

Step #5. It is advised for the users to ensure the correct Hotmail or Microsoft email address.

Step #6. You must have to enter the password for the email account.

Step #7. Then, you can click on the sign in button after entering the email address.

Step #8. Once you enter the email address and password properly without any mistakes, you can ready to use the Hotmail.

Step #9. The users wait for few minutes to access the

Step #10. The inbox of the will open up within a minute.

The users try to follow the above steps carefully to log in the . You can carefully enter the details in the relevant. You can try to overcome in delay of sending and receiving the mail by using the Hotmail services. This works well based on the user needs. It is the alternative email service provider that works similar to the Gmail. It gives all the things like the Gmail services. You can understand the above steps and clear the doubts regarding the login process.

Procedure to sign in from iPhone:

iPhone is the world class smartphone in these days. This is equipped with the different email services. It only supports the ios application but also hold up some Microsoft application. The is the Microsoft application that acquired from the Microsoft outlook. This is suitable for the different ios devices. You can never about to use the Hotmail in the ios devices. The users pick up the Hotmail option in the phone very quickly. But some of the users are confused to access the Hotmail on the phone. You can closely watch the proper steps to simply log in to the Hotmail in the device. You can probably do the simple steps and sign in the email in an easy way.

Step #1. The users exactly find out the Microsoft outlook from the app store.

Step #2. In order to sign to the in the iPhone, you can get the outlook application from the app store.

Step #3. You can use the app store in the iPhone devices to download any kind of the application.

Step #4. Then, the users go to the alternative option from setting. You can just hit the mail option in the setting.

Step #5. In the mail option, you can click on the mail alternative.

Step #6. After the above process is completed, you can go to add account option for accessing the Hotmail.

Step #7. You can choose to visit or

Step #8. You can visit the sign in page and enter the email and password in the relevant field in order to use the Hotmail

Step #9. In case, you don’t have the Hotmail account, you can quickly create the new account for the Hotmail.

Step #10. You can check the information once and then confirm it to use the Hotmail

Step #11. If the details are given correctly, you can get the new account easily.

Step #12. You can successfully receive the Hotmail inbox on the ios devices.

Before following all these steps, you can confirm that the outlook application is available on the ios devices. It is mandatory for the users to check and use the Hotmail services. The users need to verify that Microsoft outlook is available from the different devices. This is must for using the Hotmail account. So, the users try to consider the outlook application and successfully get the Hotmail account.

Frequently asked question for the Hotmail Email login:

Q – Is any issue face during the Hotmail account log out?

A – No, there is no problem faced by the Hotmail users at the time of log out the account. When it comes to log out the Hotmail account, you can follow the below steps

  • You can log out the Hotmail account as same like the Gmail account.

  • You can just right click the profile that presents in the right corner of the inbox page.

  • Once click it, there are different options show up in front of you.

  • In the option, you can choose the log out from this mail service.

  • The users log out simply from the Hotmail.

Q – What to look when finding the options and menus?

A – In order to find the options and menus, the Hotmail users consider some important factors to get the menus and options as quickly. The users head over at the top of the inbox section of the Hotmail. In the inbox section, the users simply find the options and menus that present at the right side of the Hotmail page. After that, you can find the suitable option you want in the Hotmail. You can change the profile picture, background themes and others in the Hotmail account. The users use the different options to modify the way of look of the Hotmail inbox.

Q – What way to insert the attachment to the calendar event?

A – The process of adding the attachment is either in the calendar event or in the message. You can choose the best option to join the attachment in either one of the option. You can get the complete solution for adding the attachment to this one by following the simple steps,

  • You can open the Hotmail account and hit the compose email section.

  • From this section, you can find out the icon that situated on the top of the Hotmail.

  • You can just click on the icon and need to choose the location of the photo that present in your device.

  • You can attach the source what you want on the email account.

  • The users also use the photo that present in the cloud application.

  • You can easily attach it to the Hotmail

Q – Is it possible to read the previous and next message in the Hotmail account?

It is possible for the Hotmail user to read the previous and next message in the account with the support of the up and down arrow. There are the default features that associated in the Hotmail. If you are not able to find these options, you can check it on the browser screen. This is only available in the beta version. You can try this feature to read the messages simply.

The users try to understand the uses of the Hotmail. You can use the possible steps to log in the Hotmail account from the several devices. In this article, for those who are interested to use the Hotmail, they can consider the above steps for using the from the devices like android, ios Or , and PC. When you log in to the Hotmail, you can look forward to what kind of option present it and know how to use the options.

This is the complete guide for Hotmail Login, and Hotmail Email Login. If you need any further assistance regarding Feel free to contact us.